About me

Verwunschlicht …

…cursed by light / under the effect of magic…

We are living in a fast moving period where many tiny things get lost in the shuffle based of stress.

To calm down and enjoy the time in seeing moments much more clearly, I began taking pictures to see the beauty of life like a kind of straight tunnel vision through the lens of my cam.

Not only the get to know of new people has its advantage, but also the individual conversations, personalities with all their flow, passion and emotion have its own charm.

People want to feel touched by photos, we want to pay longer attention to it, because we can all identify with emotions.

Perfection from my point of view is not the look of a beauty queen, rough edges are reality and natural, just like humans in an unposed, honest minute.

 To see everybody with a big smile back on their way home,

it means to me more than I can say.